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2.500 / 10.000



Some CyberPizzas are withheld from open sale for giveaways, rewards and the creators.

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We are celebrating the first CyberPizzaParty™!

This project will be a randomly generated collection of 10.000 NFTs, all of them unique, with the idea of a shared pizza party.

This project is meant to be our first deep dive in coming together and sharing what we love: Pizza and the metaverse.

In short terms:

- randomly generated

- 10.000 unique NFTs

- Pizza

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Start and Release

Whitelisting, giveaways, miniting are the first steps for the release of seasoning 1 of there first 2.500 CyberPizzas.

Exclusive Surprise Event

Only members on Discord will receive a message for a surprise event.

Community Choice

All holders and members will get the chance of participating. Submit and choose some of the next toppings for Seasoning 2.

Seasonig 2 Release

The next CyberPizzas will drop with community chosen toppings.


We won't ruin all suspense. But our roadmap will have some surprises for holders, soon to be holders, members and everybody interested.

Seasonig 4 (final) Release

Seasoning 4 will be the last release for this 10.000 NFT collection.


- Lingo -

All CyberPizzas have describing names.

The names are determined by the toppings and their arrangements.

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community will decide




community will decide




community will decide


2,2,1 +


community will decide


4 +


community will decide

For more information about the CyberPizza names check the whole list.

Thank you for dining with us!

  • How can I order (mint) a Pizza?
    You can order (mint) your pizza at the top of this website. Click the mint button and be sure to be logged in to your metamask account. On the minting page you can order (mint) your CyberPizza.
  • How many CyberPizzaParty™ NFTs are in this collection?
    There will be 10.000 CyberPizzyParty™ NFTs. They are divided into multiple seasonings (Editions with different toppings). E.g. the first seasoning consists of 2.500 CyberPizzaParty™ NFTs.
  • How is this project future proof?
    We are well aware of the fact that many collections fail within the first few months. Therefore, we have studied many different collections, teams and creators and thus gathered crucial insight, in our humble opinion, to prevent the failing of CyberPizzaParty™. Our passionate creators aim for: An engaging community Brand awareness A steady, if not rising, floor price Good looking images (for you to cherish) These are just some of our learnings but luckily not all of them and we all do believe in this collection that's why we've invested more than our time. We see so much potential in the future of CyberPizzaParty™, we have planned out a year long roadmap for this collection, which includes even utility and give aways for holders.
  • How does the randomness work?
    All regular CyberPizzasParty™ NFTs are randomly generated via an algorithm. There are three categories: Toppings (with six different, randomly generated slices) Pizza Dough Background Topping All toppings are a composition of six different slices, which together create the name of your CyberPizza (see "Lingo"). Pizza Dough There are many different doughs in our cyber stone oven with diverse cooking grades. Hope yours will be just perfect! Background These are your regular one or multi colored backgrounds (we used to call the space in which your CyberPizza was served "oven"). But sometimes we've detected some rather strange ones too. Note: For specific occasions there will be hand crafted "special" CyberPizzaParty™ NFTs.
  • What is the inspiration behind this project?
    The world is hungry for NFTs. We want to give everybody the option to participate in this incredible experience and come together in the first metaverse recognizable CyberPizzaParty™. We think this journey should be affordable for everybody who is interested in this bright future.
  • Which utilities do I get by buying a CyberPizzaParty™ NFT?
    As a member Every member of the CyberPizzaParty™ club can forge the direction this collection will go by submitting and choosing toppings for the next seasonings. Join our Discord group if you are interested in making a impact! Get to know when drops will go live and chance to get on the member white list. As an holder All holders of CyberPizzaParty™ NFTs will receive unique NFT(s) based on the brand. There will be secret rewards for loyal holders.
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Pizza fanatic, Founder and Art Director.

"Here to enjoy the party."



Pizza lover, Consultant for NFTs and Lawyer.

"Hungry for a lot of NFTs."



Pizza shovler and Artist.

"No anchovies?"



Pizza all-weeker and "IT-Guy".

"Don't say it*!" (*screenshot)

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